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Gozo - The next climbing destination

Certificate of Excellence
2016 Winner2015 Winner 2014 Winner 2013 Winner 2012 Winner
Gozo Adventures has been selected for the 2016 Certificate of Excellence


AbseilingAbseiling Dwerja BayAbseiling HondoqAbseiling at Mgarr lx XiniAbseiling down Mary Popins in the Munxar Xlendi ValleyAnchored in Mgarr lx XiniAt the top   Mgarr lx XiniAzure WindowAzure Window DwejraAzure Window from the seaBauldering around Ghajn AbdulBauldering on GozoBearded FirewormBelaying ClimbersBelaying for a lead climberBelaying in the Munxar Xlendi ValleyBelaying on a long climbBelaying the Tower of PowerBiking Tour by the seaBiking along the cliffsBiking at the saltpansBlue Hole ClimbingBlue Hole Climbing   halfway downBouldering at Ghajn AbdulBouldering at Ghajn Abdul iwith helpBouldering with help at Ghajn AbdulCactusCamping at the climbing siteCateringCatering   placementsCave Deep Water Soloing   CominoCave DivingCisk   the local beerCliff Jumping outside PopeyeCliff jumping near PopeyeClimbing Mary Popins in Munxar Xlendi ValleyClimbing Mary Popins in the Muxar Xlendi valleyClimbing an overhangClimbing at the Blue HoleClimbing at the Inland Sea   GozoClimbing by a watchtowerClimbing in the Mgarr lx Xini ValleyClimbing on a overhangClimbing raceClimbing the Azure WindowClimbing the Tower of PowerClose up of White Winds 5b+. Mgarr Ix Xini, Flakeout Walls, GozoComino and the Blue LagoonCooking BreadCooking with locally grown foodCountryside viewCuttlefishDalmatian Leopard Snail Deep Water SoloingDeep Water Soloing   a long way down!Deep Water Soloing   getting over an overhangDeep Water Soloing Around CominoDeep Water Soloing Falling off on Comino CavesDeep Water Soloing GroupDeep Water Soloing at Comino CavesDeep Water Soloing from a caveDeep Water Soloing on CominoDeep Water Soloing with Divers watching in Ghasri ValleyDive briefingDiving in the Blue HoleEco TourEmptying botlesEvening entertainment while havign a BBQFilling up the saltpansFilmingFilming some climbersFire PoiFire Poi PracticeFire Poi effect on a cameraFire Poin on a beachFire breathingFireworksFlying GurnetGetting into the water to diveGetting over the ledge in bouldering at Ghajn AbdulGetting ready to climbGetting ready to go kayakingGetting to a climbing locationGhajn Abdul   BoulderingGhasri Valley   GozoGoing BaulderingGoing Climbing on the Munxar Xlendi ValleyGozo BBQGroup BBQ on GozoGroup BelayingGroup SnorkellingGroup at the base of the Tower of PowerGroup ready to start climbingGrouperHanging while Deep Water SoloingHavig a break on Mary Popins in the Munxar Xlendi ValleyHey LampukiHey Lampuki top viewHikingHiking around GozoIInland Sea Crak VS 4c, Tunnel Area, Dwerja BayJumping off a boatJumping the Leap of Faith Dwejra   GozoLead ClimbingLead climbing at Mgarr lx XiniLong way to go Climbing   Mgarr lx Xini ValleyMaking sure the climbing harnesses are done upMarsalfornMgarr view by airMore Climbing in Mgarr lx Xini ValleyMore of Villagg Tal FanalNudibranchOctopusOctopus EggsPalinurus elephas   LobsterPlaying with Fire PoiPosing for a photo while climbing in Mary PopinsPosing for a photo while climbing in Mgarr lx XiniPosing while climbing Mary PopinsPutting on climbing harnessesQuick break from boulderingQuick break from bouldering at Ghajn AbdulRamla Beach   GozoRelaxing on Hey LampukiSailing BoatSailing boat in the Blue Lagoon   CominoSand StarfishScuba Diving   about to start the diveScuba divingSea UrchinSetting up a climbSetting up multiple climbsSetting up some climbsSitting in a crack in the wallSlipper lobsterSnorkellingSouth of MarsSt. Georges Curch   Victoria GozoStanding on a hay baleStarfishStarfish againStart of bouldering at Ghajn AbdulSunsetSunset on the waterTaking a group ClimbingThe Blue Lagoon   CominoThe Blue Lagoon CominoThe Blue Lagoon by airThe Leap of Faith   Dwejra GozoThe Rozy WreckThe Rozy Wreck view from the bowThe saltpansTube dwelling anemoneView from NadurView from Xlendi CaveView of Mgarr lx Xini by airView of Victoria   Gozo by airView of XlendiView of bouldering from aboveView of the Xlendi CliffsView of the caves on CominoVillagg Tal FanalVillagg Tal Fanal   GhasriVillagg Tal Fanal Pool ViewWalking down to Mgarr lx Xixi valleyWhite Winds 5b+. Mgarr Ix Xini, Flakeout Walls, GozoXewkija Church at nightXlendi caveXlendi viewd by airbriefing using a climbing harnesshelping hand while bauldering
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