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Malta Tours

Sea kayaking in Malta and Gozo is one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the Maltese Island's shorelines. At Gozo Adventures we have the most experienced and qualified staff and top quality equipment imported from America and France. Our tours take in some of the most beautiful scenery of the Maltese Islands, visiting unspoilt beaches where we also take time for snorkelling and exploring. So take a trip with us and put a little adventure into your holiday!

Important notice
All trips are weather and wind dependent and we can not guarantee a particular route in advance.  The guide will choose the safest and most suitable route for that day's conditions.

Below you will find a list of our standard day tours. However we like to work closely with you, so if you have any special requests or requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

St Pauls Island Tour

St Pauls Island Tour
The St Pauls Island Tour is a half day tour to the small island where it is believed that St Paul was shipwrecked. During the tour we explore the rugged coastline of Mellieha Bay and stop at the quiet Imgiebah Bay to relax, swim and snorkel.

This tour can be extended to a full day tour with a stop for a picnic lunch in Mistra Bay, and an after lunch paddle around Xemxija Bay with its caves which were used as water entries to World War II bunkers.

L'-Ahrax Point Tour

L'-Ahrax Point Tour
The L'-Ahrax point tour is a great half day tour that offers paddlers a variation of coastline to navigate. Practice your skills exploring quiet coves, paddling along imposing cliffs, entering hidden caves and weaving between boulders. We also take time to swim, snorkel and enjoy the peace of the quieter coves.

Extend this tour to a full day trip with a stop in Armier Bay for a picnic lunch and continuing past Ramla Bay before returning to the kayaking centre.
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