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How to get to Gozo

Wondering how to get from Malta to Gozo? Here’s our handy guide to the Malta to Gozo ferry crossings.

There are two ways to get from Malta to Gozo’s harbour, Mgarr.

Gozo Channel operate from Cirkewwa in the North of Malta (25 minutes), and Gozo Fast Ferry / Virtu Ferries Gozo, offer a foot passenger only service from Valletta (45 minutes).


Gozo Channel

Can I get to Gozo by car?

Gozo Channel are your only option if you’re planning on bringing your car or motorbike from Malta to Gozo. They operate four large car ferries between Cirkewwa in the North of Malta, and Mgarr Gozo.

How often does the Gozo Channel Malta to Gozo ferry run?

In winter a boat goes every 45 minutes (and more often at peak times). In summer, they run even more regularly. You can find the Gozo ferry timetable here.  

When is the last Malta to Gozo ferry?

The ferries run throughout the night too!  If you’re looking to link up with the local bus network, be aware that most bus routes stop around 22.30.  You can find the Malta bus timetable / Gozo bus timetable here.

How long does the Malta to Gozo ferry take?

The Cirkewwa to Mgarr ferry crossing takes 25 minutes.

Can I pre-book the Gozo ferry?

No. Turning up as a foot passenger, you simply wait in the terminal and board the next boat.  

Cars wait in a holding area until they are ushered onto the ferry. At very busy times, cars may find they don’t get onto the first ferry that comes. There are handy live webcams if you’re like to check how long the queues are!

The best Cirkewwa Malta ferry queue live webcam is the last link (side view) on the live camera section here.

You can find links for the Gozo side cameras here: Mgarr Gozo ferry queue live webcam

How much does the Malta to Gozo ferry cost?

It costs 4.65 euro for adults and 1.15 euro for children.

A car (plus one driver) costs 15.70

A motorbike (and driver) costs 8.15

A bicycle is a flat fee of 1.15 euro.

At night, after 8pm the fare is slightly cheaper: 4.05 euro for foot passengers, 12.80 for a car and driver, and 6.95 for a motorbike plus driver.

Where do I pay for the Malta to Gozo ferry?

It’s a little confusing when you arrive at the ferry terminal in Malta, as there is no where to buy a ticket! Don’t worry – it’s free to cross to Malta – but you’ll buy a ticket on the Gozo side to cross back!

What is the Malta to Gozo ferry crossing like?

Great!  Inside you’ll find an onboard café (closed for the late night services), vending machines, chairs and tables and of course, toilets. If you prefer to stay on deck, you’ll get some great views of the harbours, and of the island of Comino.

Is there wifi on the Malta to Gozo ferry?

Yes, the terminal buildings and the four ferries all provide free wifi access.  It makes it very easy to contact friends or your hotel and let them known you’re on your way!

Is there help getting suitcases and luggage onto the ferry?

In the main season, you should find a small box trailer parked outside the Malta ferry terminal. If you leave your cases here, they will be taken onboard for you. You collect them when you arrive at the Gozo terminal.

Does the Malta to Gozo ferry have disability access?

Three of the four ferries have lift access. The fourth, ‘The Nikolaus’ (known locally as the Greek Ferry) does not, so you may prefer to wait for the next ferry.  

Is the Gozo ferry safe?

Yes.  The captains know the islands and the weather patterns. In high winds, they take a longer route to use the shelter provided by Comino. Life boats, life jackets and all safety equipment is on board.

In extreme weather, the ferries don’t operate. If you need to travel from Gozo to Malta for a flight – always check the weather in advance to make sure the ferry will be running!

Can I take a dog on the Malta Gozo ferry?

Yes.  Pets are ok to stay in your car or inside a pet carrier.  Dogs can be bought on deck if they are on a leash.  However, dogs are not allowed in the café and inside ferry areas.

How do I get from Valletta to Gozo?

There are two companies operating a high speed catermaran / fast ferry service from the Grand Harbour in Valletta in central Malta to Gozo.  They are  Gozo Fast Ferry, and Virtu Ferries Gozo.

How often does the Malta to Gozo fast ferry run?

Fast ferries run regularly in summer as there is demand from tourist day trippers and the weather is good.  In winter they have a very reduced timetable, and don’t run at all in bad weather. If you are a bad sailor, be aware it can be a bumpy ride if the wind is over force 4.

You can find the latest Malta to Gozo fast ferry schedules here:

Gozo Fast Ferry timetable

Virtu Ferries Gozo timetable

How long does the fast ferry from Malta to Gozo take?

It takes 45 minutes to cross from The Grand Harbour in Valletta to Mgarr Gozo.

Can I take a car on the fast ferry from  Malta to Gozo?

No, they are for foot passengers only.

Can I book the Malta to Gozo fast ferry in advance?

Yes, unlike Gozo Channel it is possible to book in advance via the websites. It’s only really necessary if you’re travelling at busy times such as high summer, or carnival weekend etc.  Otherwise, you can turn up 15 minutes before departure and buy a ticket at the terminal.

How much does the Malta to Gozo fast ferry cost?

Both companies charge 7.50 euro for a one way ticket.  Children’s tickets are 3 euro (4-10 years) and Student tickets are 4.50 euro.  

Can I bring a bike on the Malta to Gozo fast ferry?

Yes.  It’s free to bring a bike onto the ferry, but they prefer you to book in advance and declare this rather than just turn up.

Can I bring pets on the Malta to Gozo fast ferry?

Yes, there is a designated pet area.

Is there wifi on the Malta to Gozo fast ferry?

Yes.  All boats have free wifi access.